Gem Jam – Puzzle Chest

 It looks simple and yet it is challenging and addictive puzzle. The goal is to toggle the gem colours, with the minimum number of steps, so they look like the pattern shown on the screen. You will also win gems when you solve the puzzle. 

It is not that easy because when you tap a gem not only it changes the colour but also its neighbours, so you must plan your moves carefully otherwise you will find yourself in a bit of a jam.

Beautiful experience

It is colourful and looks beautiful on in iPhone and iPad Pro.

It contains energetic music to keep you company while you solve the puzzles and nice sound effects which also enhance your game experience.


The game contains short tutorial which will help you learn the rules in no time.  If you are in a trouble you can use help button to show you a correct move, but it will cost you one gem.


There are plenty of levels to play for a long time and new levels will be added in future updates of the game. You won’t be bored for sure!

Win gems

You can win gems when you solve each level.

The number of gems you will get depends on the complexity of the level and how many steps you needed to solve the puzzle


If you have questions or experience some problems with the game you can check Gem Jam Facebook page for newest information.

Available on App Store!